Charleston’s Good Eats

Charleston Biscuit

Charleston has a special place in my heart because my husband and I were married there over 10 years ago (I know crazy cause I don’t look that old haha). We’ve seen such a transformation in the Holy City, known for its cobblestone streets, old architecture and pastel houses. Not only is Charleston absolutely breathtaking with its rich history and gorgeous homes, but did you know Charleston is known for some of the best restaurants in the U.S.?  Our last trip to Charleston consisted of shopping, walking and lots of eating and drinking.

One of our traditional first stops is Queen 82 with delicious Bloody Marys and real southern appetizers.

We decided to give Butcher and Bee a try for lunch because we heard so many good things. We started with the whipped feta, bacon wrapped dates and potato beignets. The dates had such a nice flavor of sweet and savory. I had also never tried whipped feta before and let me tell you it was a game-changer.

Todd had the IFC (Israeli Fried Chicken Sandwich) while I tried the Braised Lamb Pita. I’m not much of a lamb girl but wanted to step out of my comfort zone. The pita was cooked to perfection but I didn’t love smoky flavor. I loved my husband’s IFC and being the gentleman that he is, switched plates. The IFC was unique to most fried chicken sandwiches as it had a bit of tartness with the lemon aioli and green harissa. The flavors were delicious and you can’t beat a brioche bun.

We met some friends for dinner at Indaco   We had the pappardelle Bolognese and the sauce was rich and think. The meat to sauce ratio was perfect and the noodles we cooked al dente. We also tried the Tagliatelle with smoked mozzarella and sausage with broccolini. It had a nice flavor but the Bolognese was definitely my favorite.

Our last night we wanted to try somewhere new but ended up canceling our reservations and (somehow) getting into Halls Chophouse. We’ve been there many times and it’s always our tried and true. The service is outstanding. I mean they are known for going above and beyond for their customers. From the moment you walk in, there is a person playing piano and you get this warm, welcoming old-time vibe. The food is phenomenal. If you like steak, make no MiSTEAK about, you’ll want to enjoy a juicy piece of meat and will be perfectly cooked every time.  We also sampled the French Onion Soup and hello, so much cheesy goodness going on I could eat the entire bowl. Lastly, we finished with their world famous (okay maybe not world) but famous bread pudding. It was the perfect end to our meal. I would highly recommend Halls Chophouse, not only for the outstanding food but the experience will leave you wanting to go back

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