TRIED & TRUE at True Food Kitchen

Edamame Dumplings at True Food Kitchen

Today I had the pleasure of dining at one of Boca’s hottest and healthy new restaurants, True Food Kitchen. The ambiance was upbeat and had a great energy.  Lots of green, which signifies nature and freshness.  I was TRUE-LY blown away at the powerful flavors incorporated into some of the dishes.  We started with the Tuna Tataki and Edamame Dumplings.  I enjoyed the Tuna, it tasted fresh and I loved the combination of cilantro and jalapeño peppers.  The edamame dumplings were my favorite!  The white truffle oil made the flavors pop and I couldn’t get enough (there were only four but I had to share).

 My main dish was the Lasagna made with chicken sausage and I absolutely loved the sauce and could taste bits of fennel which made for a really tasty dish.  The noodles were made in-house and gluten-free!  I consider myself a pasta perfectionist and this definitely held its own.  The ricotta tasted fresh with just the right amount of herbs.

The portion was perfect and I even had leftovers.  We finished with the squash pie.  At first, I was skeptical because, ya know, squash pie doesn’t sound decadent but it had a wonderful flavor!  The coconut whipped cream gave it the perfect balance of sweet and a touch of savory.  I will definitely be back and look forward to trying new dishes!  CHEERS!







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