Nothing’s Missing from MIA

I’ll admit I’m a bit snobbish about where I eat. Especially if I have to drive. West. Yes, I’m admittedly annoyed when I have to drive west of I-95 for a meal. But my mind was changed. I was invited to eat at MIA Kitchen & Bar (MIA stands for Modern. Inventive. Authentic) and it was undeniably authentic. The atmosphere is ‘industrial chic’ which gives this cozy farmhouse feel without being too stiff. We started with blood orange mimosas, but I had my eye on the fully-loaded bloody mary bar. This bar had everything you could possibly want in your bloody mary. It even had hanging bacon! Bacon! Chef Blake came over and chatted with us about how his idea for an inventive restaurant became a reality and why he chose the location (he feels it’s important to be part of a community). Chef Blake is one of the few restaurants who puts his food first, with locally sourced ingredients in addition to upcycling unique parts of his chandelier and ceiling wood planks!

Best Deviled Eggs

I feel like deviled eggs are like coke vs. pepsi. Some people either love it or hate it. I’m on #teamdeviledeggs and these were – no joke – the best I’ve ever had. I don’t know if it was the crispy whites or the blue cheese crème but the flavors came together beautifully with that oh-so-perfect crunch.

Croque Madam

Excuse me, Croque Madame. The toasted brioche was thick with smoked ham in between covered in Havarti béchamel and topped with a sunny side up egg. It felt like I was eating a savory French toast. I loved the essence of all that cheesy goodness without feeling overpowered by any one flavor.

Not your typical Benedict. The reason why Chef Blake doesn’t use English muffins is because everything is made in-house. I love that! The toasted focaccia was a perfect complement to the smoked ham and poached eggs and wait for it —- aerated hollandaise. Sometimes the sauce on a benedict can be overwhelming but this had a light and fluffy taste. It was delicious.

Eggs Benny
SOBE Pizza

We also sampled the SOBE Pizza – which had all the fun toppings such as chicken sausage, onion, bacon but I loved the addition of scrambled egg and tomato aioli. See? You CAN eat pizza for breakfast.

Guava Poptart

Lastly I ended my food journey with their Poptart. But oh no, it was no ordinary pastry – this doughy deliciousness had guava and sour cream icing. Biting into this was Won-DOUGH-ful. You can tell it was homemade with every bite.
My final thought is that I will definitely be back. I won’t mind driving one bit. I loved every bit of MIA from the décor to the quality ingredients that went into each dish. This is more than just a restaurant, it’s a culinary experience.

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