You Want to Be Keeping Up With This Miss Jones

*note* I was not paid to write this post. Any comments are purely my opinion.

You don’t have to be a professional chef or baker to appreciate quality ingredients.  Miss Jones sent me some goodies and the first thing I wanted to do was make a funfetti pop cake with my girls. As a busy mom of two (and self-proclaimed foodie) I make every effort to feed my girls as clean and organic as possible. I mean, emphasis on try. I know I can’t control what my kids eat outside the home, so I feel good about buying organic when possible.  I always try to choose products that have the least amount of ingredients and are locally and organically sourced. When Miss Jones sent me Organic Cake Mix I was thrilled!

Could there be a better option to better baking? I absolutely love baking with my girls, not only for the goodness we enjoy afterwards but the fun memories we make together.

We started with adding milk, eggs and oil. That’s it! Each girl likes to pour ingredients into the bowl and take turns mixing.


I’m a bit old school in that I let my girls lick the spoon 🙈 I did it as a kid and to me that’s part of the fun! Their first reaction was “oh wow Mom this good” I was skeptical. Could there be a easy-to-use cake mix that tastes good and good for you? The answer is yes! I was pleasantly surprised at how moist and flavorful the cake tasted. It has a hint of vanilla with the perfect amount of sweet.

Confetti Pop Cake

Ta da! Our final product. We loved every bite. Check out Miss Jones Baking

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