My Top 5 – No Jacket Required – Places to Eat in So Flo

I love getting dressed up for a nice dinner however I loveeee dining at a casual restaurant that serves quality food.  We’re not big chain people so finding mom & pop restaurant that has good eats and a great atmosphere is always a win in my book.  Below are my Top 5 (also reviewed with my husband) in So Flo *In no particular order*

Food Shack

What I love most about Food Shack is the unassuming location (in a strip mall) and laid back atmosphere.  It has that vacation vibe without being on vacay.  The menu is hand-written and each dish has a unique spin.  I’ve yet to try everything on the menu, but I can tell you the Tuna Basil Roll is ah-mazing, Korean BBQ is out of this world and you definitely want to try the sweet potato crusted mahi.  Food Shack does a great job of taking an entrée and adding so much flavor that your mouth does a happy dance.


We’ve been a fan of Tuccis since day one (over 8 years ago).  One taste of oven roasted wings and coal fired pizza and I was hooked! If you haven’t tried the meatball ricotta pizza, you’re taste buds are missing out!  Their classic Italian salad is so tasty even my kids love it!  What sets Tucci’s apart from other pizza places is not only the coal oven pizza (obvi) but the quality ingredients that go into each dish and the friendly staff.  Not to mention Tucci’s beer list is quite impressive, filled with tons of small craft breweries so you’re sure to find one that’s pleasing to your palette.

Papa’s Raw Bar

Papa’s Raw Bar is the kind of place you can take your kids and have a good time or go with a bunch of friends and let loose.  The understated Key-West style atmosphere is filled with local paraphernalia and focuses on “Eat, Drink & Be Local” and we love that!  Not only do they have their own fishing boat which allows for the freshest seafood, but every item on their menu is named after friends and family!  The KB Roll is my absolute favorite (also named after my best friend’s hubby) and is topped with Miso Sea Bass (so freaking good).  Papa’s Raw Bar truly delivers exceptional food with a laid back atmosphere and outstanding service.  There’s nothing like this around!


El Camino Delray

I don’t know about you but I can eat Mexican food all day errrr day.  My only problem (aside from gastrointestinal issues associated with too much Mexican – TMI?) is that I haven’t found a Mexican restaurant I absolutely love.  Until I discovered El Camino Delray.  The guac is fresh, their salsa has just enough kick and their fajitas and burritos are just stupid good.  And don’t even get me started on their margaritas.  Have you tried the Watermelon-Jalepeno marg?  I could drink them like water – because they use all fresh ingredients in their drinks, nothing pre-made.  What I love about El Camino Delray is it truly is one of the few Mexican restaurants that offers locally sourced (when possible) fresh ingredients with a cool, fun vibe.

V&S Deli

The quality of V&S Deli is top notch, plain and simple.  You can pull up any time of the day and more than likely there will be a line outside.  Now that’s the sign of a good deli.  Their subs are stacked thick while their meats are sliced fresh daily.  The salads are fresh and tasty, I mean it’s basically the Italian version of a first-class Jewish Deli.  Homemade and oh-so-good.  Their chicken cutlets remind me of the ones my mom made as a kid.  V&S Deli will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first meal I ate after I had my second daughter.  Our friend Chris brought me a Tuna sub in the hospital.  I don’t know if it was because I was hopped up on drugs but it was the best sub I ever had.  🙂

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