Trisha Bachman Who Me?

Oh Hi! Thanks for popping by! Growing up with an Italian mom I learned to love food at a young age. Sunday night dinners were a big pasta fest with lots of yelling and eating. I’m not one of those people who eat to live, oh no, I LIVE to EAT. I’m always planning my next meal. And not just eat, but I love to eat Good. Food.

I worked in media most of my career and taught advertising for over 10 years. After I had my first daughter I decided to stay at home and raise my two girls as my next endeavor. My husband and I enjoy finding new restaurants wherever we travel (we travel as often as we can) and pride ourselves on eating at the best restaurants (not necessarily the most expensive) both locally and in our travels. We love to cook at home and appreciate quality ingredients that go into each meal. I love to cook healthy, and my husband creates classic southern dishes while giving it his own spin. Together we love to gather with friends, laugh, eat and drink (beer, wine and cocktails). And that my friend, is how Laugh.Eat.Drink was born.